I’ve decided to follow on from my last blog post “controlling your opponent – Tempo.”

I was left a comment by someone who was explaining their thoughts and actions for their first bout. He basically went all out in the first round hoping to finish it early, he managed to put his opponent down but the fight did go the full five rounds. He also went on to say to say that the whole game plan approach before a fight didn’t really make much sense to him.

So I thought I’d address this properly as a quick comment wouldn’t be enough. First, it’s very common on your first fight to go bonkers. As it is a fight, you naturally assume you have to hit him as hard as you possibly can, which really isn’t the case.

Having a game plan is important but you can’t just rely on one because if it doesn’t work out you’re going to be in a lot of trouble. You should try and look at it as you need a hundred answers to one question. You need to be able adapt during the fight as nothing is certain, you may of done your homework on them but remember they’ve probably done their homework on you to.

If you’re able to get footage of your opponent, look more for patterns or regular mistakes as no one really fights the same fight twice.

Now going full out in the first round isn’t really the best idea, I’ll explain why.

To some people fighting sports are barbaric and brutal but it is so much more than that. It is a game and a very clever game at that; with two people trying to out think each other with every move.

Now, imagine you come out all guns blazing in the first round, not only do you run the risk of getting tired, but if you haven’t knocked your opponent out he’ll adjust to what your doing and step up accordingly. Because you’ve gone full out from the word go you have nothing to step up to.

My opinion in the first round you should look first, test him out, see how he blocks, how he moves etc. As you’re doing this he’s probably doing the same, if he starts getting the better of you then you can adapt and step up a level. The fight will continue in this manner until you are both going to the best of your ability.

As you’ve done this in stages it makes it harder for your opponent to figure you out; you’d be changing all the time and able to pull new tricks out the bag. If you did this in round one then you’re opponent doesn’t really have to work much out.

As said in my previous blog if you can go 110mph and maintain it for the full five rounds then go for it as that would be hard for anyone to cope with. You may also find that you’re either physically too strong for them or you’ve hurt them early on so this would be the time to step up and try to finish the fight early.

I hope this may of answered a few questions surrounding this and please feel free to give any feedback or even ask some other questions you’d like me to go into more detail about.