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damien trainor

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Mayweather vs Ortiz – My thoughts.

18 Sep Posted by in Blog | 10 comments

Everyone’s talking about the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight that happened over the weekend, so I thought I’d give my opinion.

If you haven’t seen the fight then I’d stop reading now as not to ruin it for you.

I thought Ortiz was doing quite well but Mayweather was, as always, doing better. I actually think if the fight had continued in the way it was Mayweather would have stopped Ortiz as he was really starting to land in the fourth.

As it happens, mid way through the fourth Ortiz presses forward aggressively and in my opinion deliberately head butts Mayweather.

Now, this is wrong and in bad taste by all accounts. I’ve read many comments on the net saying that Ortiz was just looking for a way out of the fight. I actually think that he was trying to rough Mayweather up and take him out of his comfort zone. He was also possibly getting frustrated to as he was missing with a few shots.

Mayweather complained to the referee. He did not have his guard up at this point as the referee was intervening. Ortiz was very apologetic but the deed was done and uncalled for, so the referee deducted a point from Ortiz.

The referee signalled to the boxers to come to the centre of the ring. Ortiz puts his arms around Mayweather to apologise. The referee is now standing by the two fighters but is talking to one of the officials.

As Ortiz takes his hands off Mayweather (finishing his apology), he is landed with a left hook followed by a right hand. The ref does not acknowledge what was happening until the right hand puts Ortiz down; he hadn’t called the fight to continue as he was still talking to someone at ring side.

Now, a lot of the comments I’ve read are that Ortiz deserved what happened to him for what he did to Mayweather.

Remember, this is a sport of gentlemen not Neanderthals. The referee did not signal for the bout to continue, in fact when Ortiz is hit with the left hook, he looks to the referee to intervene the same way that Mayweather did with the head butt.

Mayweather wasn’t protecting himself then because he was listening to the referee the same way that Ortiz was.

I was actually disgusted at the end of the bout; both boxers were in the wrong. One was penalised, while the other became world champion, this is what has got to me.

There are a couple of things that could have been done: either a no contest with a rematch in mind or the belt not being awarded to Mayweather.

I don’t think Ortiz should have been awarded the win as he was in the wrong also, but Mayweather should have been penalised as Ortiz was. This potentially could teach people that two wrongs do make a right, an idea which certainly was exercised in this contest.

Yes, this is the fight game but as with any sport it has rules and regulations to abide by. Not everyone will agree, some will take Ortiz’s side while others will take Mayweather’s.

Please feel free to comment if you agree or disagree as I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions on this.

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  • Boucher says:

    Money talks and theres alot to be made and disqualifying them both would have cost lives in terms of revenue im guessing

    corruption reigns

  • K3NSH1R0 says:

    First time I’ve seen that, personally I think that should of been called a no-contest as they weren’t instructed by the ref to restart.
    And if you look at the ref he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.

  • The Crippler says:

    Money CHEATweather actually looks at the ref not looking before throwing the left hook! Disgusting

  • fairy cakes says:

    There’s got to be a rematch but I can’t see the result being any diffrent than another win to mayweather. There is only fight I would like to see and I’m sure the rest of the world wants to see mayweather vs manny pacman

  • KEVIN henry armstrong morris mr m. says:

    Good fight…. it was right to penalise ortiz but the ref is ‘Totally’ to blame for what happened next. When he called time he did the ‘Regulation T’, marched the offender around to signify the point deduction.. it is the body language taught and used by top refs so time keepers and other officials can follow whats goin on in a crowded noisy arena. i observed the ref bringing the fighters together and the ref makes the gesture that all use for proceedings to continue and that is the ‘back of hand to each fighter followed by the hand clap.. im also sure i heard the ref say.. ‘lets go’… it is not Mayweathers fault that the ref and ortiz remained ‘distracted’.. it was a good lesson taught to ortiz by a ‘master’ of the trade.. ‘Be Ready at all times’… Mayweather just took advantage..

    • Trainor says:

      Great post mate, the ref did say “let’s go” but both fighters were almost in the neutral corner. I don’t think he made anything clear, to me it looked like he signalled them to come together to get them ready to fight. Well we can see what happened next.

  • travis says:

    i think the fight was fixed because when ortiz hit the floor the ref counted him out and didnt camplane to mayweather

  • Rich says:

    I don’t like mayweather and he admits he done a cheap shot in a way
    But the ref started the fight from wot I see gesturing them to touch gloves and fight and that’s what he did .
    His attitude is terrible the way he talks to the tv guy but that’s what’s he’s about and he sells fights coz of his character

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