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damien trainor

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Post fight interview after the Krush 13 event.

21 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments

As you may or may not know, Damien recently fought under K1 rules in Japan. Being a big change from his usual Muay Thai style, I caught up with Damien at K-Star Thai Boxing Academy to find out how it went.

How did the last fight go?

Not the way I’d have liked. The odds seemed to be stacked against me from the start, having quite a few problems in the run up to the fight. Everything just seemed a bit rushed.

So what happened during the fight?

It started off quite steady, which I’m used to and I landed a few good kicks, but soon I got caught with a big left cross which I struggled to come back from. It just seemed to be white flashes everywhere and I was fighting blind. I managed to get my head together and come back a bit in the second. In the third I got caught with something and took an 8 count, and not long after got hit with a jumping knee in the face and the ref waved it off.

Do you think this was anything to do with your preparation?

I think my training went really well. A few weeks before I sprained my ankle quite badly which prevented me from kicking and sparring for a bit, but other than that everything was fine. It was the outside factors that seemed more a hindrance in the last couple of weeks.

What were they?

A few minor things, I was made to get a blood test at very short notice and then fell sick in the final week. I couldn’t stand up and couldn’t hold any food down. The straw that broke the camel’s back though was missing the first flight to Japan. Our train arrived late and we couldn’t get on the plane in time so I had to spend most of the day sitting in the airport trying to get another flight. Eventually, we got one for the next day but that left me to literally jump off the plane, get weighed, eat, sleep and then fight which wasn’t the best scenario after a 20 hour flight.

Other than the fight did you get to enjoy Japan as a country?

Yes, I really enjoyed being over there as I’m interested in Japanese culture, I just didn’t enjoy the fight. I got to check out some of the shrines over there and had a look round Toyko which was cool.

You’re going to Thailand at the end of the week, have you got anything in the pipeline for when you’re over there?

At the minute I do look like a panda but I would really like to fight on the King’s birthday. I’ve had a very interesting proposition concerning it, so I’ll continue training and see how I feel. The hospital have said that they can’t see any fracture in my cheek (as it’s gone really numb) but I may have shocked the nerves so I’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

What have you got planned for 2012?

At the moment, there’s a potential rematch with Andy Howsen. Other than that, nothing but I’m sure something will come up as it always does.


Interview by Mark Timms.

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