One sunny Saturday afternoon when I was just starting out training, Steve Logan pulled a video out of the cupbard and handed it to me. It was of Master Toddy’s show at Pickets Lock. The line up was one of the strongest of it’s time and could easily compare to any top U.K show today

The show consisted of fighters such as Luan Suan, Dok Mai Pah and Michael Lueiwfat, but I was told to espcially watch Ronnie Green.

Ronnie was the first Englishman to compete at this standard and mix it with the best fighters in the world. He became  five times world champion and recognised as a great fighter by many other countries not just his own.

The U.K now has many fighters fighting at this level but Ronnie paved the way for us all, showing us that not only the Thai’s and the Dutch dominate this sport.

The fight here is from that very show where Ronnie takes on the Thai champion Sombat Sor Thanikul. I remember watching this fight over and over picturing myself fighting at this level….enjoy

Green: Blue Shorts

Sombat: White Shorts