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damien trainor

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Rungravee, need I say more. Part One.

04 Sep Posted by in Blog | 2 comments

With Rungravee making a huge name for himself world wide now, I thought it would be a good time to go over my thoughts and feelings of our fight, and how it transpired.

I’d first seen him fight over here in the U.K at the end of 2009 on the first MSA Muay Thai Premier League event. The management I was under at the time was Dan Green Promotions and MSA had just employed Dan Green to work for them in running their shows.

This meant that I was now with MSA, so I was eager to see how they run their shows as I was scheduled to be on them the following year.

I must say the event was awesome in my opinion with the likes of Sagetdao vs. Harrison, Dicks vs. Kulebin, Seanchai vs. Story and not forgetting Rungravee vs. Howson.

I hadn’t seen much of Rungravee fight before, only one fight on YouTube and going by that fight I thought Howson would have stopped him. I figured Howson would have had a weight advantage on the day, little did I know that Rungravee balloons up loads too.

The fight began like most Muay Thai fights; slowly, until Rungravee threw a low kick. I remember most of the audience going “Oooooooo” as it sunk in, it looked a nasty kick, I would not of liked to of been on the receiving end. The round continued slowly and every now and again a heavy kick was timed on Howson’s leg.

The kicks seemed to intensify as the fight went on and visibly showing they were taking effect. Howson bravely finished the third round and wanted to carry on but his corner team pulled him out.

As soon as the fight was waved off, I don’t know who any of them were, but there was about five people sat in the row in front of me. They turned around and one said “that would be a different fight with you” I remember just smiling and thinking “There is no way on earth I would get in the ring with him!”

I decided to go over and talk to the judges during the interval, as I knew them quite well. I wanted to hear their opinion on that fight.

I was talking to Dean James about the fight as he was one of the judges; he spoke about how hard the kicks sounded when they landed and how accurate his shots were. I mentioned what this group of people had said after the fight and I think Tony Myers only heard part of the conversation because all of a sudden he turned around and said “don’t fight him!”

I’m guessing he must have thought I said I wanted to fight him. That was far from my mind.

I headed back over to where I was sitting and crossed paths with Mr Sweelip Quek. Sweelip was one of the main men behind MSA Muay Thai Premier League along with Master Sken. He was a very softly spoken man and seemed very kind, we spoke about the show and of course the fight, again “I think that would be a different fight with you” was said, this time from him. I thought “Why does everyone want to see me get hammered?”

When I got back to my seat everyone I’d come with were now on the same band wagon as the others. “Just do it” “You just have to block those kicks” etc etc I just replied with “we’ll see”.

As I watched the show I kept thinking shall I ask for this fight? MSA were saying I could ask for any opponent and it was going stage huge events the following year.

As many of you know I did ask for the fight, it wasn’t a decision I took lightly and had my fair share of doubters thinking I would get obliterated by this man. I won’t go into the details of the fight just yet, as you’ll find out from my next blog there was a lot more involved than simply stepping into the ring.

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