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damien trainor

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The Diamond.

05 Aug Posted by in Blog, Highlights, Videos | 1 comment

There are so many great boxers to look to for inspiration, from past greats to the new kids on the block. This post is going to be about a fighter I really looked to for inspiration when I was younger and still do to this day when I compete with the Thais.

Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers is my favourite fighter of all time but may not be an obvious choice for many other people.

Dekkers didn’t have a textbook Muay Thai style, which is why he doesn’t appeal to some hardcore fans of the sport. Without a doubt though, Dekkers was the most successful westerner to fight in the major stadiums in Bangkok.

Over the years there have been many western fighters who have competed in the major stadiums, but none of them had the prestige that Dekkers had. All have actually been to Thailand off their own back and more often then not paid their own flight for the privilege to fight, and weren’t flown in especially for the event like Dekkers. The only other westerner on the same level in my opinion is Danny Bill.

I’ll go over Bill more in another post as I think he was superb, technically better than Dekkers and it’s amazing to see him out think the Thais. Apparently though, there were a lot of issues about him not making weight, and often had to pay a fine out of his purse because of this. So to me, with Bill having a weight advantage it takes away the limelight of what he did.

Dekkers on the other hand fought them at the same weight, so he had no advantage. The gamblers loved him because of his knock out power, as he could change the course of a fight at any stage. He won some and lost some but he always gave 110%, fought ferociously and was entertaining to watch.

“There were so many Thai fighters but only one Ramon.” Cor Hemmers (Dekkers’s step father and trainer)

He fought almost all of the big names in the 90’s in their prime. I’ve spoken to many Thai fighters from that era and all had said that they wanted to test Muay Thai against Dekkers’s power.

Whenever I fight the Thais I think of Dekkers and how he did it. He’s only human the same as me. So there is no reason why I can’t do what he did when he fought them. For me that takes the edge off the nerves.

Enjoy the video below.

Ramon Dekkers Greatest Hits.

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One comment

  • Your gay lover says:

    I seem to recall a certain seminar with Ramon where I got free entrance, this DVD and he smelt of booze. Best MT euro fighter ever, and he even came back to beat Ludwig in K1

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