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damien trainor

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The golden era – Sakmongkon vs. Jongsanan

16 Jul Posted by in Golden Era, Videos | 1 comment

I started training in the mid 90’s right in the middle of what they class as the golden era of Muay Thai. It was very hard to come by fights from Thailand back then, not as easily accessible as today with the internet. I’d constantly watch video’s when ever I could, I actually remember learning how to rig up two video recorders just so I could record any tapes that were leant to me.

The plan is to put up some of the fights that really inspired me when I was just starting out. There’s going to be plenty of people that have seen these fights a hundred times, but I’ll post anyway as there will be just as many who haven’t. There will also be a few who dont know who to look up on the internet and I often get asked to recommend fighters or fights that people can watch for inspiration.

The first fight I’ve decided to put up is a very famous one, Sakmongkon vs. Jongsanan. These pair have fought six times I believe, I’ve seen five of their battles and all have been sensational to watch. This is only one of their fights but probably the most famous, check out round two…..enjoy.

Jongsanan – Red Shorts

sakmongkon – Blue Shorts

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One comment

  • Trainor says:

    Just had my mate send me this information on Facebook.

    From a lad who recently attended a seminar with both Sakmongkol & Jongsanan:

    “how did Sakmongkol manage to not get cut with all the elbows Jongsanan landed on him?

    He said that Jongsanan was too close, landing more on the forearm than the point of the elbow, and that he was throwing them too stiff. Jongsanan said he threw from that range because he didn’t want to back up and get hit by Sakmongkol, and that he was throwing his elbows too tense because he was dead set on dropping Sakmongkol as payback. Jongsanan admitted the technique in his elbows wasn’t good, ironic considering that fight is so highly regarded for the elbow technique. Jongsanan also said that he fought back hard because he wanted to make some $$$.”

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