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The king’s birthday – Training in Thailand, Dan’s fight.

13 Dec Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

As I wasn’t training in the afternoon we decided to have a little look around MBK. MBK is a huge shopping mall in Bangkok where you can get some great bargains along with original items too.

We looked around for a bit, grabbed some food then headed outside to where the fights where held.

MBK fight night is held every Wednesday evening and is situated just outside one of the entrances near to where you get off from the sky train.

We saw Dan sat on some railings with Stephen and a few others from the gym. Next to them were some white tents for where the fighters get ready.

Dan was fighting a Thai lad from Pattaya, Pattaya is about two hours away from Bangkok.

As Dan is a big lad I was expecting an old out of shape Thai as most of them are no where near 80kg.

The only Thais I could see where less than 70kg. So it couldn’t be them.

Dan had his hands wrapped, massaged and ready to go. He was the last fight on the bill so he had a little waiting around to do.

Everyone was stood outside of the tent watching the fights except Dan, so I went in to keep him company.

He seemed very chilled and ready to go. I kept cracking jokes to keep him relaxed; not sure if he found them funny but he laughed all the same.

As the Thai trainers grabbed everything to get ready to go to the ring Dan asked P’Jeab for me to be in the corner. I was honored as I didn’t expect it especially as he had the Thai lads in the corner.

We came from inside the tent; his opponent emerged from the tent next to ours. I was shocked he was young around the same size as Dan and in good shape .

I became a little nervous as I always do when one of my lads fight.

Dan started to do the Ram Muay, he doesn’t do it back home but in Thailand you have to.

Stephen and I were in the corner desperately trying not to laugh at his attempt, you may even hear us sniggering on the camera. It was really bad but I’d give him a C for effort.

The fight as expected started slow, Dan just front kicking the thigh measuring his distance then landing some good strong left body kicks.

The round pretty much carried on in the same fashion with the Thai everyone now and again throwing a big right body kick.

Round one over I jumped into the ring with the other Thai trainer. We frantically massaged Dan’s arms and legs while P’Jeab gave the advice.

All of a sudden I felt a constant prodding in my thigh. I looked down to see this little fat Thai start shouting instructions to me to pass on to Dan during the fight.

He was one of the gamblers so I’m guessing he had some cash on Dan

I respond with “krup, krup, krup” to all he said as in agreement. I’d look away to talk to Dan and I’d just get prodded again with him to give me more advice.

Round two and Dan came out firing with some boxing which wobbled the Thai a bit. He kept crossing to the stomach and following it up with a hook. The hook just kept missing though.

End of round two back into the corner only to be constantly prodded by the same guy. To be fair he was giving good advice to me but he was starting to get on my tits.

I gave my two pennies worth to Dan before he had to go back out.

Round three saw the Thai come in for the clinch, which was a bad mistake as Dan’s quite good at clinching. In one of his previous fights he found that he was struggling when it came to the clinch so he’d made a real effort to improve in this area. His training paid off as he threw the Thai around quite a bit.

Near our corner Dan landed a huge elbow which sprayed sweat and water all over us. After this the Thai started to come back a little with good kicks but Dan pushed harder towards the end of the round.

End of round three and yep you guessed it that little fat man was prodding my thigh again. Then Pitu from the contender series popped his head into the corner. He did actually give us good advice but this corner was getting manic with advice flying from all angles.

Me and Stephen shouted some stuff to Dan before he went out for the fourth round.

The Thai came in strong only be thrown around again by Dan and out scored at every chance.

Not long after the referee stepped in to stop the fight as there was no chance for the young Thai lad to win; he was too far behind on the scorecards.

In Thailand if there is no way a fighter can win by K.O and is being vastly out skilled, the ref will save face for them and finish the fight, even if the fighter is unhurt.

Dan was over the moon as we all were for him

After the fight Dan had plenty of people, both friends and spectators, coming over taking his picture and congratulating him. The photo below shows just how happy he was.

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