The time difference between Thailand and the December is seven hours. It was going to be difficult to get a good night sleep and get up to train in the morning as 8am in Thailand would be 1am back in theU.K.

I tried to go to sleep at midnight on the Sunday. I nodded off quite well and forced myself to get up early, staying awake all day in order to be able to sleep and train on the Monday.

This did not work! I must have nodded off for about an hour and was awoken by the Karaoke blaring out side my hotel room. From there on I was staring at the ceiling till about four in the morning.

I finally nodded off only to wake up quickly thinking I was late for training at 6am. I then remembered the time change and thought oh good I’ve still got two hours before I have to get up.

When I lived in Thailand a few years ago training started at 6am but everywhere seems to start at 8am now, which suites me better as I’m really not a morning person.

It only seemed like I closed my eyes for a second when my phone went off. Dan had text me to get up as I asked him just in case I was still snoring.

I felt terrible and just kept thinking I needed more sleep.

I got dressed and headed out to where all the lads go running. The picture shown is of me just before I went running that morning.

The run in the morning consists of five laps around a 2.2km block. You can’t cheat it as one of the trainers at the gym stands on the one corner and counts every lap each person has done.

I waited for Dan and Stephen at the start of the run. Stephen Hodgers is a very good fighter from Ireland who has been at Sasiprapa for about six months now and was also fighting on the king’s birthday.

Now those that have trained in Thailand know what I’m on about here; the way the Thais run is pitiful! I recon a power walker would have over taken us. It really isn’t for fitness in my opinion but what it does do is gets your legs strong. Imagine doing these six days a week every week before any hitting of the pads.

As we were going around we saw Mr Thakoon riding around on his bicycle checking that everyone was present. I hadn’t seen him yet and I’m not sure if he knew that I had arrived.

As we jogged past him while he was talking to P’Chin (the trainer keeping and eye on us) he greeted me with a big smile and P’chin signaled to us we had three more laps to go.

With the run complete we headed back to the gym for pads and bag work.

I stretched off a little and Mr  Thakoon came over to ask me when I arrived?  I explained that I came on Saturday evening.

“Ok today you training slowly and we build up each day” I thought that suites me as I had no sleep at all that night.

He then told me that my opponent was to be someone from Hong  Kong and not Keawklaa. I just accepted this as its common for fights to change so quickly in Thailand and I had come to fight after all.

After some shadow boxing and a two rounds on the bag Mr. Thakoon signaled to one of the pad holders to take me on the pads.  His name was see-an and he was due to fight John Dick soon I believe.

First round was boxing on the focus mitts; I started blowing a little but nothing major. Next round was normal pad work; this is where I died. All I did was two rounds but I thought I was going to keel over, there was no way I could fight in a week feeling like this.

After the pads Mr. Thakoon came over and said you will build up each day as the fight gets closer then sent me back to the bags.

Morning session was complete so now it was time to eat and relax till 4pm when the afternoon session started.

I met Dan and Stephen by the 7/11 again just at the start of the run at 4pm. In the afternoon you only do one lap round just to warm up.

Back in the gym I started again with shadow boxing then I was sent onto the bag for one round of continuous straight punches.

Then I was taken onto the pads with a different pad holder by the name of Noi; He’s fought Anuwat four times both winning two a piece.

First round was hands again on the focus mitts followed by three normal rounds. I wasn’t actually that bad this time fitness wise, still not amazing but I guess my afternoon nap helped a bit.

The rounds here are shorter than most gyms I’ve trained at in Thailand. I’ve either done five or ten minutes per round where as here they are three and half but you only get like a twenty second break.

From the pads it was back to the bag for three rounds. Once I’d completed that P’Chin came over and told me to clinch with Nat (Luangsuanlek).

I hadn’t been drinking a lot of water since arriving  in Thailand which wasn’t a good idea.

About two minutes into clinching I got a severe cramp in my calf. It went from a round shape to literally square.

Nat looked at me not sure what to do, Pitu (from the contender) came over and massaged it out for me. He started talking about sodium something to me, I have no clue what he was on about but I guessed because I was so dehydrated.

I couldn’t walk or even stand properly to begin with so that was my first session in Thailand over. I wasn’t worried about my calf as much as it was only cramp I was sure I’d be fine for the morning run.

Fingers crossed I’d be able to get a better night sleep that evening too….