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damien trainor

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The king’s birthday – Training in Thailand, day three.

13 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments

We got back from the cinema at about 10.30pm that evening. The karaoke bar was beyond a joke now, it was the loudest it’s been since we arrived.
I went down to the reception to ask for another room. I was told they didn’t have one until the next day. “What time will the music finish? It lasted till 2.30am last night and I’m trying to sleep.” “It will finish at eleven o’clock” the lady boy receptionist replied.
She gave me one those fake Thai smiles as if to say “Do one”. This is Thailand so I just smiled back and headed back to my room.
If you want to get anything done in Thailand do everything with a smile.
The music lasted till 1am so a little better than the night before. I soon drifted off once there was silence.
I woke up with ease at 7.30am in the morning. I must be finally getting used to the time difference.
The day started with the usual meet n greet by the 7/11.
I was wondering how many laps we had to do today. Stephen reckoned it would be three as the fight was drawing closer.
He was bang on, as we come to where P’Chin waited he signalled three laps to us by holding up three fingers. Again poor Dan had to do five as his fight wasn’t until the 7th December.
I got back to the gym to see a familiar face. Another one of my mates/students had turned up.
Luke had arrived the day before, he had already contacted me to say he had arrived. I really didn’t think he was going to get to the gym for the morning session but he proved me wrong.
Luke was supposed to fight back in the UK on the 26th November, unfortunately his opponent pulled out.
What was funny was Luke’s face when I walked in. He thought he was fit but he looked like he was on death’s door.
“Aww man I feel like I’m gonna die” was the first thing he said to me.
We chatted a bit then I started with some shadow boxing then onto the mind numbing repetitive punching on the bag for one round.
I was grabbed by one of the pad holders after this, I can’t remember his name but he’s known for being a little lazy. You can expect an easy session if you end up with him.
After two rounds normal pad work and one on the focus mitts it was back to the bag.
Dan had come back in from the run, he walked over to me and Stephen and said “I’m fighting tonight.”
“Huh, where?”
“MBK, Thakoon just came up to me and Scott and said he needed one of us to fight tonight. I said yes before he even finished his sentence.” (Scott was an American MMA fighter who had been in the gym for a month or so)
“What time do we have to set off to get there” I wanted to see if I had enough time to train in the afternoon.
“About 4pm” Dan seemed really happy, I’m not sure if was because he had a fight or because he could get out of training.
That meant I had to miss the afternoon session. I couldn’t miss Dans fight; not only was he a mate but he was one of my students from back home.
I finished off the morning session on the bag then headed back to the hotel to shower up, grab some food and fingers crossed I could change our hotel room.

Dan’s fight.

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