I lay staring at the ceiling again trying desperately to get to sleep, this time the Karaoke seemed to be louder than the night before.

I had to suffer through one Thai guy singing Westlife, Phil Collins and Stevie Wonder till 2.30am. To be fair he was pretty good but not what I wanted to hear gone mid-night when I needed to get to sleep.

Once the bar had closed for business there was silence at last. I must have drifted off at about 3.30am only to wake up again four hours later to go running.

I stood up out of bed to test my calf, it felt ok but to be on the safe side I shoved on an ankle support as to keep the muscle secure.

I headed out to meet Dan and Steve again by the 7/11 looking a little better than I did the previous morning.

I really wasn’t looking forward to running at all, I haven’t run back home for at least four years as I get a lot of leg problems which hampers my training. It’s very rare I have to lose weight for fights so I’d much rather train Muay Thai than run and risk injury.

I MUST stress though running is a necessity for all newbies to fighting. Amongst other things it builds a good foundation for your fitness to be able to get the most out of training.

The first lap was almost complete; we were coming up to where P’Chin normally stands to check up on the boxers. He signalled to me and Steve only four times round as the fight was close. That suited me fine; only three more laps to go! Poor Dan had to do five.

Back at the gym I had to do three rounds on the bag then I was signalled to clinch with this Japanese lad who had been in the gym for about three months.

What’s quite funny is no one and I mean no one knew this guys name, he was simply referred to as Japan.

We clinched for about half an hour which was good for me as I haven’t clinched for about three months due to my last fight being K-1 rules.

From here I did three light rounds on the pads. Mr. Thakoon came out to let me know that we would be leaving for the press conference at 11am. It was almost 10.30 now so I needed to get a move on.

I headed back to the hotel to get showered up.

The press conference.

I got back to the hotel at 3pm which gave me about 50 minutes before I had to go back to the gym.

I tried to grab a power nap, really wish I hadn’t though as it actually made me feel worse when I woke up.

I met Dan and the lads by the 7/11 again but this time Rungravee was with them. He gave me a huge grin, bowed then hugged me.

We started running at a ridiculously slow pace as we jibber jabbered away amongst ourselves.

It didn’t take long to do one lap so we were in the gym again pretty quick.

I started shadow boxing to loosen off a little and out the corner of my eye I could see Rungravee talking to one of the pad holders while looking and pointing at me.

The pad holder was called P’Jeab. P’Jeab actually looks quite menacing and a lot larger than an average Thai.If you ask him what he was like as a fighter he would say he wasn’t the most technical but he would be there to fight. I was told that only a few weeks ago he had had some argument with a taxi driver and he lost the plot and started chasing him around with a huge hatchet. Not a guy to upset but very nice if you’re on the right side of him as with most Thais.

He walked past me “Ok you with me.” Dan and Stephen laughed as he said it as they have both said if you want to get fit this is one of the guys to go with.

Now normally when you go on the pads you’re kind of broken in and pick it up as the round goes on. Not with P’Jeab.

I went from 0 to 100mph from the word go. Punch, kick, kick, kick, knee, elbow, elbow; he was relentless. I had to suffer five rounds of this but in all fairness he was giving me some real good pointers as we trained.

After my five gruelling rounds with P’Jeab I was sent onto the bag for a further four rounds. I used this time to practice some of the stuff I’d just been doing on the pads.

From here I was told to clinch with Boo.

Boo fights from 59kg to 61kg and is huge for the weight.

We clinched/sparred for 25 minutes, I was thrown around like a rag doll in but I really enjoyed it and could feel my fitness coming on. After we finished Boo said “Damien Geng mahk, mahk, you training tomorrow?” I replied with a yes “Ok we training again tomorrow” with a huge smile on his face. Geng kind of means your ability at something so if you are geng at say football then you are very good if you are mai geng then you are very bad.

P’Chin called me over and told me to go onto the bag. I had to do two sets of 150 knees followed by two sets of 100 elbows. Then to finish was 200 sit ups.

I really started to feel good and getting used to the heat in Thailand. My confidence for the fight was starting to grow considering at the start I really wasn’t interested and just didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

I headed back to the hotel to shower up, grab some food then head to the cinema to watch Puss in Boots, what can I say I’m just a big kid!

Surely after such a long day I should finally be able to sleep easily…