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damien trainor

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The king’s birthday offer 5th December 2011

04 Dec Posted by in Blog | 1 comment

For many years one of my ambitions has been to fight on the king’s birthday in Bangkok, Thailand but due to work or having to come home before the 5th of December I just haven’t been able to.

I’d decided last year that 2011 I was going to do it.

I got on very well with Mr. Thakoon the owner of Sasiprapa gym and manger of Rungravee so since our fight I’d kept in touch seeing if he was able to secure a match for me on the king’s birthday event.

However, after such a poor performance in Japan and with that fight only being three weeks before the 5th December I thought I was going to leave the fight. As I hadn’t heard off Mr. Thakoon about a match I’d decided on having a nice holiday instead.

My face was still numb from the K-1 fight I’d had in Japan, I couldn’t feel three of my teeth and if I touched my cheek it would send an electric shock down to them. Id been advised by the hospital not to fight as they felt I had damaged a nerve and could possibly have suffered a small fracture that wasn’t showing up on the x-ray. I didn’t want to risk causing more damage so this was another reason I’d opted on not fighting.

A week before I was due to fly out to Bangkok I got a message off my student and friend Dan Edwards who had been at Sasiprapa for over four months.

“Alright mate, Mr. Thakoon asked me to ask you if you want to have a rematch with Keawklaa Keawsamrit on the king’s birthday?”

I’d fought Keawklaa the year before. At that time he was ranked 6th in Rajadamnern stadium, I’d won that match on points.

It was a tough decision, I really wanted to fight but my confidence was shot from Japan. I felt like I didn’t have enough time to recover from the last fight because of my face. All it would need is one shot and it could be over.

Then again this is something I have always wanted to do, if I don’t do it now I may never have that opportunity again.

After a couple of days and a few more messages asking for an answer I thought sod it, I’ll do it. The fight was on.

I landed in Bangkok on the 26th November which gave me one week of training.

My next few blogs will be the day by day training I did in that last week and then on the fight.

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