This was the first night we didnt have to listen to a drunken Thai person giving their interpretation on a boyzone song.

Our room was now situated on the opposite side of the hotel away from the karaoke bar. So a peaceful nights sleep was in order.

I’d decided on not running on my final day of training. My weight was ridiculous! I was 2kg lighter than I was supposed to be fighting at and that’s without trying to lose weight. I didn’t really require a long distance run.

So I had lye in and got up at about 9am. My plan was to have a real mad session on my last day of training before the weigh in.

So I potted about till 4pm then made my way to the gym.

We started with the usual 2.2km run to warm up with. Then there was the repetitive punching on the bag.

I was hoping P’Jeab was going to grab me for the pads as I wanted a beasting.

Unfortunately I was collared by the lazy bloke again. In the mornings you don’t mind him as you’re half asleep but he’s not the best one to have in the afternoon if you want a real workout.

Well I don’t know if he was upset but someone had certainly rattled his cage.

He went from 0-100mph from the word go. It was what I wanted but I hated every minute of it.

I finally started to feel good in training. I could actually push the pad man about a bit now and work hard throughout the rounds without gassing.

At one stage he got me going right kick, left kick, right kick, left kick for about a minute.

The round finally finished and I knelt down to catch my breath. I looked up and Stephen started laughing “he’s certainly awake this afternoon!”

I did three rounds followed by two on the focus mitts.

Then I was sent onto the bag for a further four rounds.

P’Chin then told me to get into the ring to clinch.

Rungravee was getting massaged on the ring apron in his sweat suit, he was also fighting that weekend in Japan abd had a few kilos to shift.

He asked me when I was fighting, after I told him he said I shouldn’t be clinching so close to the fight. I explained that P’Chin had told me to.

In stepped this Thai about my height but a little stockier and legs the size of mine stuck together.

I think the lads name was Noi. I later Found out that he’d fought Rungravee five times, winning all five matches.

He did have some time out from fighting because he was in the army for two years. Since then he has come to fight out of Sasiprapa.

We started to clinch andI managed to throw him almost instantly. Rungravee let out a huge cheer as Noi hit the canvas. He smiled and more or less returned the favour in seconds.

He was so clever, everything I did he matched and managed to put something extra after it. If it had been a fight he would of stayed ahead on the scorecards.

We clinched for only twenty minutes before I was told to relax.

P’Chin called me over to the scales.

They were extremely old and looked it. I was told to sit on them as he added small weights to balance out the needle to see what I weighed.

It showed 54kg, P’Chin laughed “kin, kin, kin” he said which means eat, eat, eat.

The weigh in was the next day so I didn’t have to worry at all about making weight as the fight was set at 56kg.

All the training I could possibly do in a short space of time was finished. To be honest I would of preferred another week but I had to make do with what I had.

All I could do now was wait for the fight and of course eat.