We had a whole day to kill in Hong Kong; first on the agenda was to get our spending money out of Pek. When you fight abroad the promoter usually gives you food expenses for each day that you are there.

At the weigh in I’d asked Billy for mine but he said that he’d given it all to Pek which I didn’t really like the sound of.

Pek is known for trying to do you out of money anyway he can and this was no exception! He took us to the dirtyist looking restaurant possible, which cost next to nothing to eat at, just so that he could try and keep some of the money for himself.

Myself, Mick, Fintan and David asked for our share of the food expenses so that we could go and buy what we wanted to eat rather than Pek dictating where we went.

The expression on his face wasn’t great and he was very reluctant to put his hand in his pocket but in the end we got our expenses.

After a great meal in a small clean restaurant in Hong Kong we headed back to the hotel so we could relax for a bit. Pek’s room door was open as we walked past and he called us in.

David had already gone to his room so there was only myself, Mick and Fintan.

He was telling us that we had nothing to worry about in our fights as in Hong Kong because they do more Kung Fu style than Muay Thai. The Thais are very proud of there national sport and believe that no other martial art and can touch it; in all honesty I believe the same.

There is no stand up martial art that can compare to Muay Thai in my opinion. Not that they are inferior by any means as I think some of them are more sophisticated in their movements. However, I do believe that they are not trained correctly, many martial arts are treated like games but Muay Thai is real from day one. One of the biggest advantages a Muay Thai practitioner has is battering experience, many other martial arts can not take the punishment that we have to endure and I have seen them fall apart time and time again when they start getting hit for real. There is a huge difference between taking a specific shot that you know is coming and being hit at random countless times.

I must stress though that in Hong Kong they have plenty of Thai trainers, so the standard there is pretty good for Muay Thai.

Pek also stated that three of us would win and three would lose. He went on to say that if he had brought all strong fighters with him then the likelihood is that they would not have used him again so he had to bring over some fodder for the chinese fighters. He said “England and Ireland good Muay Thai you have no problem tomorrow.” I wasn’t sure how much I could believe from Pek as I barely trusted him anyway.

I did know however that my opponent was training at a gym in Bangkok for this contest and that Pek didn’t really get on with the boss of that particular camp, so basically I was brought over to bash him.

We left his room all thinking ‘what a dodgy b*****d!’ and feeling a little sorry for the other lads.

We just chilled for the rest of day and then grabbed a good nights sleep as we had work to do the next day.