The President of the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand, Mr. Somchat Charoenwatcharawit, revealed that the ethics & disciplinary subcommittee of the Sports Authority of Thailand’s Board of Boxing Sport has already decided to suspend Buakaw for 6 months.

This is because he failed to show up for negotiations with the owner of Por Pramuk camp after violating the Boxing Act by fighting in Thai Fight (on 17 April 2012). The suspension has already been endorsed by the Minister of Tourism & Sports, ahead of the 22 May 2012 deadline for Buakaw to explain his case.

Mr Somchat said that Buakaw has the right to send a representative to explain his case or lodge an appeal (at the meeting scheduled for 22 May 2012). However, the 6-month suspension has already been decided upon. Should Buakaw try to fight while still under the suspension, be it within Thailand or abroad, they will consider harsher penalties including confiscating his boxing licence.

The Board of Boxing Sport will soon hold a seminar for people within the muay thai community to meet & discuss amendments to the Boxing Act, with Buakaw’s case used as an example.