This on going story seems to have finally come to an end and one that many wouldn’t have liked to have seen.

Buakaw and his manger  Mr Pramuk Rojanathan haven’t come to any conclusion despite a new contract being written where Mr Pramuk can still financially benefit from his former boxer.

The agreement asked for all fight purses to be split 60/40 in favour of Buakaw and a further 75/25 for all appearances outside of the ring.

In my opinion this would have been a better financial move for the gym rather than the one that has transpired.

The video below is Buakaw announcing his retirement and his reasoning for doing so. (Make sure you put the CC on to get the subtitles.)

Apparently once he announced his retirement Mr Pramuk and his son broke out into applause for several minutes….tit springs to mind.

Video and translation is from mymuaythai make sure you check it out.