After leaving the Por.Pramuk camp and with help from Yokkao his sponsors, Buakaw has set up a gym in his home province of Surin.

The gym will go by the name of Banchamek which is Buakaw’s surname. From now on Buakaw will no longer be known as Buakaw Por.Pramuk but will called Buakaw Banchamek.

For those who don’t know in Thailand the fighters take on the gyms name when they compete, so For instance I would be known as Damien K-Star. This some times made it difficult for me to find out information on Thai opponents that were coming over to the U.K as they would have their passport name, fight name and a nick name which all Thai people have.

Buakaw’s next opponent has been announced and the fight will take place on the first Thai fight event of the year. Scheduled to take place on the 17th April in Pattaya Thailand he will take on Mickael Cornubet.

Lets hope he puts up a better fight than this.

Cornubet – Yellow shorst