Buakaw has written a statement to the boxing commission allegedly about how he’d been treated by the Por.Pramuk camp. If it’s true then you can see why Buakaw has had enough and taken the action that he has.

Subject: Termination of Contract
To: Board of Boxing Sport
March 26, 2012

I, Sombat Banchamek,would like to terminate my contract with Por Pramuk camp because of mistreated unfairly and it’s my right to asked or terminate this due to these reasons:

1. The leader and manager of Por Pramuk camp fails to provide appropriate care which led to damage to myself both physically and mentally. We understand boxing as a sport has a high chance of serious injury which could lead to handicap or death.

2. My health or safety unreasonably jeopardized as :

2.1 On December 2011, Mr. Pramuk Rotejanaton commanded in an unpleasant manner and made an order to eject Channel 9 V.I.P. crews members during my t.v.interview.

2.2 On December 14, 2011, four days before the final fight of Thai Fight event, Mr.Pramuk Rotejanaton spoke harsh with threatening words which made me concerned for my safety.

2.3 On January 2012, during the Titan’s Des Trois, France television show, Mr. Pramuk Rotejanaton interrupted the filming process with a phone call in which he was very unprofessional and used embarrassing words and demand to ejected the T.V. crews.

Mr.Teerapat Rotejanato and the manager of the camp failed to solve the problem and ignored the situataion. These two incidents above led to my decision of move out from camp.

3. The profit after each fight is lesser than 50:50 and they never pay on time, which is against the laws and regulation of boxing. As these incidents:

3.1 Still have not received 400,000 Thai Bahts from my professional boxing career while Mr.Pramuk Rotejanaton served as leader and manager of the camp.

3.2 The fight purse after K-1 tournament event was 10,000,000 yen (Japan Currency) , which was approximately 3,630,000 baths ( Thai Currency), I only received 1,000,000 Bahts from the leader and manager of the camp.

3.3 My winnings from my Runner-Up finish in K-1 competition in 2005 amounted to ¥2,500,000, or ?832,500. From that ?832,500 payout, I only received ?15,000.

3.4 My winnings from my First Place finish in K-1 competition in 2006 amounted to ¥20,000,000, or ?5,648,000. From that?5,648,000 payout, I was only awarded ?2,000,000 which was immediately loaned out to Rotejanaton’s family. To this day, I have not seen any of the money from that fight.

3.5 Mr. Teerapat Rotejanaton, the manager of the camp, has borrowed?400,000 and has not returned any of it.

3.6 My sponsorship with the Singha Corporation was worth a total of ?3,000,000. To date, I have only received ?440,000 of this money from my manager.

My agreement with my manager was to split the revenues from all of my commercials, television shows, modeling, and sponsorships 50:50 with management. Instead, management has subtracted costs they attribute to “living expenses” from total revenues before paying me half of the remainder.

4. Mr. Teerapat Rotejanaton, recent manager of Por Pramuk camp, and Mr. Pramuk Rotejanaton the previous manager, have ruined my reputation and good name with false accusations and slander given in numerous interviews with the media.
Of the above, the duties of the chief outlets, against the rules of Boxing Act, BE 2542 Section 1 of Article 5: The duties of the chief outlets are as follows:
Article 2: Safety and the welfare of boxers, trainers and those involved in managing the camp.
Article 3:To be fair to the fighter and not under any contract or agreement in the manner of exploitation or fraud.
And (6) The money shall be paid to the boxer who wins any of the competitions as laws allow.

To accept property or benefits for themselves, through illegitimate means and the threats by the manager of Por Pramuk camp, the Boxing Council Regulation on jurisdiction and the jurisdiction of the 2544 outlets in 14 states under the outlets before the end of the request may be made under subsection (2) breach of contract per head of outlets or manager of the camp failed to take care of the boxer which led the boxer to feeling unsafe and leaving the camp, and (3) The negligence of the manager of the Por Pramuk camp does not protect the rights of their boxers and allows theft of the prize. As a result, the profession of boxing has been compromised. If the decision made by the Registrar’s request, outlets of the parties under the contract are terminated. In addition to the regulations, in this section are specified in Article 18 (5) the party that has been damaged has the right to terminate the agreement immediately.

Yours Truly,

Name: ………………….

( Mr. Sombat Banchamek )
13 Bhan Songnong M.4
T. Khokhaw
A. Samrongthab
Surin, Thailand