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damien trainor

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Inside the Fight: USA Vs. Thailand Episode 4 Joe Schilling Vs Kaoklai Kaenorasing

The last episode of the 4 part documentary Inside The Fight USA Vs. Thailand created by Jeff Dojillo for 7SP. This documentary features the likes of Joe Schilling , kevin ross, romie adanaz, lansuanlek sasiprapa, sagetdao petchpayathai, kaoklai kaenorasing, and much more.

You can watch the full fight here.

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  • Wes says:

    @ 6:30
    Joe Schilling: “My style in the clinch…”
    Haha.. Style?! The only style Joe has is to Gorilla smash from the first bell. Ya, he knocked out Kaoklai. It wasn’t a muay thai fight though.
    It was a disgrace. All the U-S-A chanting bullshit made me sick… and I’m American.

  • Maikahl says:

    Much agreed to the other comment…my biggest beef w/ mma, especially ufc styled, is how the brute force, size and full on offensive style of many american fighters is their biggest strength. My favorite fighters in every style are those that are humble, few in words, respectful of opponents…and most importantly, look like they have dedicated themselves to all aspects of fighting…not only victory over their opponents.

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