I’ve just read this on the Yokkao Facebook page which is a translation from Thai into English by P’Ying and sine. The original article is from the breaking new.nationalchannel.com page but it’s probably not worth checking out unless you can read Thai.

This time we are seeing what the Por.Pramuk camp are asking for.

On 26 April 2012, the owner of Por Pramuk camp, Mr. Teeraphat Rojanathan (Au), filed a lawsuit against Sport Art Co., (the organiser of Thai Fight), Mr. Teerawat Yioyim (Buakaw’s current manager), Mr. Sombat Banchamek (Buakaw), & the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT). He is suing them for 100 million baht in damages plus 7.5% interest because Buakaw fought in the Thai Fight event on 17 April 2012. He also wants the court to issue a temporary injunction to forbid Buakaw from fighting in any other events organised by Sport Art Co. till the end of 2012, as well as to stop Mr. Teerawat from acting as Buakaw’s manager. The hearing for this lawsuit is scheduled for 16 July 2012.

Por Pramuk’s lawyer said that they arrived at the 100 million baht figure based on the following: 26 million baht in lost earnings for the camp, 68 million baht that the camp would have gained from live telecasts of fights in more than 170 countries, as well as other damages. As for SAT not preventing Buakaw from fighting on 17 April 2012, Por Pramuk will file a complaint with the police next week to accuse them of failing to perform their duty.

Por Pramuk’s lawyer said that the camp is resorting to civil action in order to protect their rights, & not because they are angry with anyone. They are still not seeking criminal action against Buakaw; at the moment, Buakaw still has a chance to clear his problems with the camp, but he must meet with & talk to the camp. As for the temporary injunction to block Buakaw from fighting, they have requested for a court hearing on 2 July 2012; if the court does not issue this order, the camp will continue to pursue legal action each time they find out that Buakaw is going to fight.