Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of fighters come and go from the gym.

Many didn’t realise how hard this life was going to be, it’s not all glitz and glamour; you have to have drive and determination to be able to continue not only during the fight but during your training too.

“What you do in the gym is what you’ll do in the ring.”

In most gyms around the western world, you will probably have set classes which will cater for the fighters. Your training should not stop here, you shouldn’t have to have your hand held while you train. Of course, you need one to one time with your instructor to perfect your skills and point you in the right direction, but you also need to have that drive to get up yourself and work when it counts.

Being able to motivate yourself, in my opinion, is a necessity in the fight game. It will help train your heart and your character, which will then shine in a fight. You need to have the ability to push yourself when the going gets tough.

When you get to the point of exhaustion it’s nice to have someone shout at you in training that forces you to carry on. In the ring, you will not have this person, they maybe shouting but you won’t be able to hear it.

If at any point you hit the canvas, no one will help you up, not until it’s over. You have to get up on your own two feet.

It is only you that has the gloves laced up, only you who is climbing over the ropes and only you who is in control of what happens.

I’m not saying you must only train on your own, training with others, being corrected and guided is also a necessity in this sport or any sport for that matter.

However, the fight game is the only game that you are truly on your own. The will to win must be stronger than the skill to win…Only the determined shall become victorious!

Don’t wait to be told to train, you know what is expected of you and you know what you want to achieve.

What I’ve wanted to achieve is what has gotten me through some tough fights, along with some gruelling training sessions. Find out what it is that motivates you and take control of the loneliest place on earth.