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damien trainor

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This little git pounded the crap out of me!

01 Jul Posted by in Blog | 4 comments

That blasted hello Kitty alarm clock went off as per usual at 5.30am to get me up for training. You’d think I’d be used to getting up in the mornings by now but I still detested it.

I’d also had enough of that cold shower in my bathroom so I actually went out and bought a new one and got it plumbed in just so I could enjoy a hot shower in the morning.

I headed out to the gym so I could catch up with the other boxers as they made their way to Lumpinee park for the morning run.

Even the stray dogs who seemed to live in my apartments parking lot hadn’t woken up yet, they were just scattered about the place lying under the cars.

The usual faces were in the park all happily going about their business; I’d actually got to a stage where the old man who looked close to 100 started to say hello to me every time he lapped me. When I think back he kind of reminded me of the old tortoise in Kung Fu Panda who looked as old as hell but could move like lightning.

Once the run was finished I bought my Sponsor drink from the vendor at the main gate of the park before heading back to the gym. Sponsor is basically an electrolyte beverage.

The gym had some pretty good names training there at this time. You had Pajonsuk who was Lumpinee champion and in the last olympics represented Thailand in boxing, many of you may know of him from the ‘It’s Showtime’ events in Holland. Also at the gym was Rodtung “The Tank” who has fought Ramon Dekkers and Wayne Parr, Tawaritnoi another ex-stadium champion, Yodkumarn, Rudolf Durica and even Nong Toom (the ladyboy) who trained occasionally.

Yodkumarn was around my weight and for some reason often kept an eye on me when I trained. His boxing skills were superb and he would often pound the uppercut pad at an intense pace if I looked over. Rodtung would often tell me that Yodkumarn was good at boxing.

I got on really well with Rodtung, he was pretty big for a Thai hence the name ‘The Tank’. He would always laugh when he called me by my Thai nickname which was Yun or Yern however you want to spell it and basically means goofy. Most of the other Thais referred to me as Ungrit which means England except my padman Wayhard who called me Owen cos he thought I resembled  the footballer Michael Owen…I can’t see it myself.

All Thais have a nickname and are never really referred to by their real name. I don’t actually know why this is but I remember reading that in the past, for some reason, a lot of the first born children where dying; so parents gave their child a nickname in the hope of confusing the spirits that they believed were claiming them and make them think they had come for the wrong person.

I’m not sure if this is actually the reasoning behind it but from what I know of Thai myths it sounds pretty believable.

I’d been training here for a while and had done a fair amount of training with Rodtung, Sarmkor and Terrawitnoi’s brother (who was pretty handy and would knee the crap out of me on a daily basis) but never with Yodkumarn.
I turned up at the gym for the afternoon session and headed of to the park for my second run of the day.

Once completed I grabbed my sponsor drink again and headed to the gym for the rigorous training that lay ahead.

I quickly stretched off and did my pad work with Wayhard; I was just about to head to  the bag to continue working when I was told “no no, sparring, sparring just hand, just hand.”

I saw Yodkumarn being laced up with these huge yellow boxing gloves, they must have been about 20oz and another pair was brought over to me along with a head guard.

I hadn’t worn a head guard since my days as a junior competitor and having this thing shoved on my head reminded me of how much I hated them.
I felt like I was at the fair ground with these gloves too, they were enormous! it was like we were about to have a big pillow fight.

A few of the Thais were in the ring doing their pad work while the rest of the gym was standing around waiting to watch us spar.

Wayhard pretended to be the referee and while laughing he shouted “chock!” (Fight)

Yodkumarn was left handed so he threw this huge left cross which smacked me straight in the face; now I knew why we had 20oz gloves on… that was a full blast dig!

So now it was on.

We did three rounds in total; I can’t really remember too much on what happened other than the head guard was driving me insane and that I tried to give as good as I got. However, this little git beat the crap out of me! he put me down a couple of times with body shots during the three rounds but I got back up to continue.

After the sparring Wayhard looked at me, stuck his thumb up and said “Dee.” (good)

I’m guessing this was another test to see what my heart was like and so Yodkumarn could to see if he could out box me.

I was actually supposed to fight him a couple of years ago in Hong Kong at 57kg but it never panned out; I kind of wished it had. I’m not saying I would have won but I’m not the early 20 year old he beat up on so many years ago, I would like to think that I would have surprised him with a few things.

Here is a great clip of Yodkumarn throwing probably the best reverse elbow finish I’ve  ever seen.

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