I was actually offered to fight on this event a couple of days ago against Penthai Singpatong. However, due to commitments here I was unable to take the offer but it certainly looks like a great card.

Two of the Lumpinee champions will be taking on a couple of my past opponents, Gaylord Montier from France and Gery Bavetta from Italy.

The rest of the information is taken from the French website muaythaitv.com.

Saturday 21st of July, 3 Lumpini champions will be in the city of Bordeaux, France. They are all from the same gym : the SINGPATONG SITNOMNOI camp, near Phuket.

PEN-AKE Sitnumnoi: 6 times world champion, current Lumpini champion, crowned best fighter of the year 2011, winner of the last world title against the legendary SAM-A. He even fought against SAENCHAI who lost by decision last 8th of June; in a nutshell a truly champion. He will take on Gery BAVETTA(Italy).

Damien ALAMOS, one of the few fallang that has got the Lumpini title, will face LAMPARD Sor Khamsing on his home turff as he is from Bordeaux (the event is organized by his father Rodrigo ALAMOS).

The third Lumpini champion is PENTHAI Singpatong. He will take on Gaylord MONTIER.



  • Damien Alamos (France) vs Lampard Sor Khamsing (Thailand) -63,5Kg
  • Pen-Ake Singpatong (Thailand) vs Gery Bavetta (Italy) -58Kg
  • Penthai Singpatong (Thailand) vs Gaylor Montier (France) -54Kg
  • Mehdi Traïa (France) vs Arthur Siong (France) -60Kg
  • Mike Alamos (France) vs Ivano Siverio (Italy) -57Kg
  • Ayoub El Kaidar (France) vs Gabriel Moreno (France) -60Kg
  • Yassine Ahaggan (France) vs Nicolas Atmani (France) K-1 rules