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damien trainor

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It’s Simply Business

22 May Posted by in Blog | Comments

money1Wouldn’t the fight game be great if it was solely about who the best fighters are?

I’ve seen countless rants over the Internet complaining about how their fighters aren’t getting put on big shows or how they’ve been over looked for a title shot due to the fact they don’t sell many tickets.

Both of these factors shouldn’t really reflect on a fighters progress, but I’m afraid they do.

What you have to remember is that even though to you it’s about show casing your skills and pitting yourself physically and mentally against another person, to others it’s simply a business.

The main concern for a promotor is bums on seats. You will get a handful who have a passion for the sport and will put events on at a loss but they will often fade away after a few shows.

Along with your fight the promotor will have a number of expenditures that will need covering such as sanction fees, hotels, maybe flights, travel expenses, promotion, rent, insurance, paramedic etc etc. None of this is any of your concern of course, but remember the aim of the game is to make money.

So your skills alone will not take you to the top. I often tell the lads in the gym if you want to get more exposure on the bigger shows you have to sell tickets.

Also if you can guarantee that you can sell a large number of tickets then you have a bigger bargaining chip to increase your actual purse.

Don’t fall into a notion that nothing like this happens in Thailand. Muay Thai is very much money motivated over there.

My experience, as much as I loved living there, was that the boxers are very much like race horses.

Although still illegal, Muay Thai events are one of the few places that people will gamble openly without fear of getting done by the police.

The reason why they like close fought contests in Thailand is so that they can constantly keep betting throughout the fight. If the fight is very one sided then the atmosphere is dead and no one will bother making a bet.

Well known fighters such as Pornsaneh have been able to keep the interest of the gamblers for so many years because of their style. They will often be behind on the scorecard but because of their aggressive style there is always a chance of a knock out. The gamblers will keep betting as the odds change frequently during the fight.

Over here in the west to be a successful fighter you have to be the complete package. It’s no good being exceptional in the ring but only taking your mom to watch you fight because promotors will not put you on. it’s also no good selling hundreds of tickets but lacking skill wise because you will be found out very quickly when pitted against a legitimate challenger.

If you can do both then you will get all the glory that you deserve. There will be a few people that get title shots who don’t deserve it but don’t stress yourself about it. Most titles and rankings now don’t really mean much other than having a nice belt on the mantel piece or seeing your name on the net.

It’s who you fight that determines your reputation as a fighter. My advice would be to aim so your name surpasses what order the rankings go in or who holds a title.

Make yours the name that people talk about and make yours the name that people want to fight.

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