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damien trainor

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Muaythai Journal Episode Seven: Social Mobility Featuring Abigail McCullough

13 Mar Posted by in Documentaries, Videos | 1 comment

Here is the latest episode from Muay thai Journal….enjoy

In episode seven of Muaythai Journal we partnered up with Jacob Klensin of Jacob spent time photographing Camp Lookchaomaesaithong in the Northeastern part of Thailand.

We use Jacob’s photography as the backdrop to Abigail McCullough’s commentary on the social mobility of a traditional muaythai fighter from Northeastern Thailand. Abigail is an expat and foreign representative for Sitmonchai Gym, home to Thai superstar Pornsanae Sitmonchai, who was featured in episode one of Muaythai Journal, and rising star Yodkhunpol Sitmonchai, who was featured in episode three of Muaythai Journal.

In the conclusion of episode seven we visit Eminent Air Gym and catch Bragaipetch Eminent Air training for his up-coming fight. Bragaipetch is a training partner of Rungubon Eminent Air, who was featured in episode five, and Melissa Ray, who in our last video gave us a glimpse of what it is to be a female muaythai fighter in Thailand.

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One comment

  • The narration by Abigail McCullough at the start of this episode is very interesting and something many of you wouldn't have taken into consideration.

  • howard says:

    Wow i didnt think the Thai people would/could be like that looking down on a person considered to be in a lower class system.
    The fact that thai is popular nowadays worldwide is only a good thing as the fighters deserve the chance to earn later on after their fight careers have finished.
    In fact the 1st time i went to Thailand in 2005 i was sat in a restaurant in Koh Samui and i mentioned to my wife the meeter and greeter at the front of the restaurant looked very much like a Thai boxer i remember watching many times at Master Toddys in the 80’s.
    So i ask the waiter and sure enough he was an ex Radjaderm champion and he came over talked about his injuries in particular his ears which he offered for me to feel and they were like rugby players just rock hard cartilege.
    Anyway this is what he had to do to live and ex world champ now trying to get people to eat at said place.
    This is also why Thai people are soo humble theyw ill do anything to survive unlike us westerners lol.

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