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damien trainor

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Ramon Dekkers Greatest Hits

01 Mar Posted by in Highlights, Videos | 5 comments

I actually bought this DVD when Ramon Dekkers did a seminar in Birmingham. For him it must have been a terrible seminar as there was only 12 people that attended, but for those who did it was great as everyone got some one to one time with The Diamond.

I must have seemed like a crazed fan as literally got him to sign every possible place of my copy of his greatest hits.

To be honest I don’t think it will be up on the net long. I’ve seen it posted a few times but after while it is always removed, so watch it while you can.

Here Ramon Dekkers greatest hits….enjoy.

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  • Howard says:

    Soo sorry to hear of Ramon Dekkers passing away.
    I remember 20 + years ago watching him as he was/is considered the greatest thai boxer outside of Thailand and to this day probably still ranks as the same.
    I always thought he was way older than i am tbh and after watching only half of your uploaded video i am in awe i knew he was good but i had not seen a good half of what i have watched atm and Damien i also now know where you picked up you left body hook from.
    His speed and agility was unsurpassed imho and in all the fights ive watched he never ever slows down for a second showing/proving what an elite athlete he was.
    Real downer for the muay thai world his passing.
    R.I.P. Ramon.

  • Howard says:

    Watched the whole video and im even more amazed he seemed to be southpaw but in later fights changed to orthodox that is skill.
    Superb and a fitting tribute to ‘The Diamond’.
    Thanks for uploading this Damien great fights from a great fighter.

    • Trainor says:

      Hi Howard

      To my understanding he was orthodox but changed to southpaw later on in his career as he had a severe ankle problem. If I remember correctly I think he had it operated on five times, it’s a very tragic loss to Muay Thai/Kick Boxing.

  • Howard says:

    Yes you are right my mate Russ told me exactly this earlier this evening that Ramon had busted up his ankles badly in his career and had had numerous ops to try and rectify it.
    I agree Damien a tragic loss and soo very young.

  • This is a fantastic DVD despite the techno soundtrack. Got this when it came out and I’m kicking myself for not getting “the Man behind the knockouts” at the same time. Still got a box of the Nikko tapes which include some fights not on here. Ramon was doing well as a coach for both Muay Thai out of his own gym and as part of Golden Glory. What a loss to the sport.

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