legendI’ve been asked a couple times if I knew of when this documentary will be released. All I know is that there was a bit of red tape that the producers had to go through before they could even get to the point that they are at now. Here is what they had to say on the matter.

Below is taken from Champ Boxing Magazines Facebook page

We are well aware that many of you have grown impatient. Some for a good reason, as they simply want to see this film. Others however, have attacked us in very unfair ways and accused us of lying and worse. This shows that there is a great deal of misinformation on the topic “Buakaw”.

Our purpose today is to give information on the process of this documentary. Champ Boxing Magazine contacted Sombat Banchamek and his new management over a year ago, proposing the idea of producing a high quality documentary about the life of “Buakaw”. Most of you may remember that one year ago, the dispute with his former camp was still lingering, so the decision to actually go ahead had to be delayed. As we wanted to fully prepare to ensure the standard of this documentary, the right moment to act did not come before October last year due to commitments on Buakaw’s side and the busy schedule of our co-producer, Mr. Gerrit Staron, who travelled from Germany. We then visited “Banchamek Gym” in Surin and filmed for three days. We went to “Thai Fight” events and conducted many interviews with Buakaw himself, people from his past and his present. Due to the sensitivity of some topics, we agreed to re-edit and presented a new version, which would not be as controversial.

We would like to stress the fact that financial reasons have NEVER been a major motive in our quest to bring a great story to the fans and viewers. After Buakaw and his new management had seen and seemed to like the product, they appeared eager to participate in production and distribution of the documentary on a larger scale than we anticipated.

Champ Boxing Magazine posted on Facebook on March 10: ” We are happy to announce that Banchamek Gym and Champ Boxing Magazine will join forces, to make this much anticipated documentary available to all fans of Buakaw. Many thanks to everyone involved, especially Dr. Teerawat Yioyim, Buakaw himself… We will, from now on, work as a team to get this documentary to the fans as soon as possible…”

Since then we finalised production and tried to reach a representative of Buakaw to present the film and ask about the progress on their part, many times. Unfortunately in vain.

Since we have promised to bring this documentary to the fans worldwide for some time and our reputation as respectable journalists was almost coming under threat, we made a final attempt to contact Buakaw’s management last week. It was then agreed that we, alongside Mr. Gerrit Staron will now act as the sole producers and sponsors of this documentary with full marketing and distribution responsibilities as well.

We will now invest further by ourselves and produce a high quality DVD. To break even with our costs up to this point will be nearly impossible, but we believe that our effort to make “Buakaw – Boxer,Legend,Legacy” available will be rewarding enough for us. We thank “Banchamek Gym” for the permission to film. Furthermore, we would like to thank all of you for your patience.