This rematch was several years in the making and was one of the most anticipated encounters of 2013. When these two first met back in 2009, Corbett knocked Spong down and the referee had actually waved off the fight. But Corbett thought he was being waved on to continue and so he went after Spong again, with the fight eventually being recorded as a No Contest because of that. Corbett had the power and size advantage in the first encounter but the 2013 Spong was a completely different animal. To his credit, Spong has always said he considers the fight to be a legitimate KO loss. He used the rematch to even the score by stopping Corbett with devastatingly fast and powerful left hooks. Spong’s timing and distancing were impeccable in the evening’s headline fight, creating one of the best finishes of 2013.

You can view their first fight here.

Corbett: Black Gloves

Spong: White Glives