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damien trainor

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What are your top 10 fights?

People appreciate these fights for different reasons; it may be the shear intensity that the bout is fought at or the clinical calculation in which one boxer picks his opponent apart. For what ever reason, these fights have become eternal and will inspire the younger generation for years. Here are 10 fights which I have watched countless times, some of you may have other fights that you would put in to your list. I would be very interested in hearing other peoples views on what fights get their blood pumping?

Sakmongkon vs Jongsanan

Pornsaneh vs Pakorn I

Seeoi vs Kwanmeuang

Rambo vs Paluhadlek

Bovy vs Suahualek

Ramon Dekkers vs Coban II

Ramon Dekkers vs Namphon

Sarawut vs Angkor

Danny Bill vs Nokweed Davy

Buakaw vs Masato I

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