There have been so many factors that surround this contest which really can make a mockery of our sport. Below is the run down of what happened taken directly from the Sitmonchai camp Facebook page.

Sorry we’ve been a bit slow to give an update on the Ozkul vs Pornsanae match, which took place last weekend on the 8th March as part of the Chocs des Legendes show in Paris. There’s a few twists and turns in the story, so I hope you’ll bear with us.

Last year, due to some visa issues, Pornsanae had to fight within 10 hours of arriving in Paris — off a 13 hour flight from Bangkok. Because of this there was no weigh in and Ozkul took the fight on points.

This year Pornsanae got to Paris a few days before the fight, at which time he was told about the WBC belt being on the line. The day of the weigh-in came and Pornsanae was ready at the agreed weight of 63kg — as he always is for his fights — and Yetkin Ozkul was at 72kg. Pornsanae and his manager were told by the promoter that stomach problems prevented Ozkul from making weight.

The promoter (RMBoxing) pleaded with Pornsanae to fight, saying that he’d be devastated if the match was cancelled. That pressure, along with Pee Ae and Pornsanae’s limited English and their dependency on the promoter to pay them and get them back to Thailand, were among the reasons why they accepted the fight. At this point, Pornsanae felt he had no other choice but to accept the match on these terms.

So Yetkin Ozkul claimed victory after a 3rd round referee stoppage, and Ozkul walked out of the fight with a belt he didn’t make weight for. It’s the bizarre ending to a very unpleasant experience for our team. 

We have since found out that the WBC had in fact not sanctioned this bout or had any of it’s officials there to supervise which makes the fight a no contest.

Here is the controversial fight between Yetkin Ozkul and Pornsaneh Sitmonchai.