RingEvery fighters dream is to one day rise to the top of their chosen combat sport.

It’s well known that in order to get to the top you have to be fully focused on what you’re doing and strive to achieve your ultimate goal. However, the fight game is short lived so it’s extremely important to have plans in place for when your fight career is over.

For some, an unfortunate injury results in having to retire from fighting prematurely but for many high level fighters the issue is staying around too long, ultimately tarnishing their legacy. A lot of this is down to A: They think nothing can replace the highs of having thousands of people cheering their name as they walk to the ring or the buzz of winning by KO in spectacular fashion or B: It’s all they have focused on for so many years that it’s all they know how to do. They don’t have any other avenue to put their efforts and focus in to.

For myself I was extremely lucky as my trainer and mentor taught me how to run a gym along with my regular training. So I have my gym and my family to keep myself occupied now the gloves are hung up along with the other things I have done and set in place to keep my name very much alive in the sport.

I’m under no illusion that my name will be forgotten just like the many fighters before me but I have my goals and plans in place for when that happens.

Simply put, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, a fighters life is very short and only a very small handful of athletes will be remembered and mentioned after they’ve finished competing. You’ve clearly shown you have focus and drive, so apply that in other areas to keep you motivated once you finally hang up the gloves.

I’m not suggesting you have to have a gym or that you even have to stay in the sport. I’m sure there are other pass times or hobbies maybe even business opportunities you’ve put on the back burner while you’ve been following your dreams. It’s important you keep your toe in the water with all these so when the page finally turns it’s not the end but the start of an exciting new chapter.