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Body Shot Mechanics

BODY SHOT MECHANICS: If you didn’t guess what I was demonstrating in my post a couple of days ago then here’s a quick visual break down. If you’ve followed my career then you’ll know that this is my favourite technique. What you have to remember when it comes to punching is that a majority of your power is generated from your legs, not your arms. The video highlights some of the basic movements I prefer to use when throwing this technique. The first reference point is to make sure that you’re giving yourself adequate leverage in the legs. From here you’d dip towards your opponent and push your opposite (from punching side) shoulder forwards. This enables you you to generate more power, along with getting closer to the target to be able to land the punch. Finally, with all your weight on your leg (in this case the lead) you drive up while locking your elbow joint into a right angle position with your palm facing you as you punch. When I throw the punch I’m aiming diagonally across my opponent’s body as if I’m going for their opposite shoulder. Other coaches/trainers may prefer a different method of throwing a body punch but this is how I like to throw mine.....and I haven’t done too bad with this method 😉 ------------------------------------------ #kstarlegacy #drillsbuildskills #muaythailife #muaythaifwighter #muaythai #thaiboxing #warrior #mma #ufc #bellatormma #champions #inspiration #muaythaistrikers #boxing #sports #motivation #fitness #wrestler #judo #fighting #fight #kickboxing #bjj #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #mixedmartialarts #kickboxing #martialarts #oldbury #birmingham

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Basic Knee Mechanics

BASIC KNEE MECHANICS: Here’s a very quick drill to help perfect your knees. Two common mistakes when kneeing are either kneeing straight up and not getting your hip behind the knee or pulling your shoulder back as you throw the knee thus taking a percentage of your body weight the wrong way. It’s important that when you do a right knee, that your right shoulder stays in line with your hip making sure that all your body weight is going forward. If you look at the start of the drill you’ll see that your feet are shoulder width apart and your arms are fully extended in front of you. Keeping your knees facing forward I want you to lean back and touch the back of your opposite knee while keeping the other arm stretched out. This will make you push your hip forward while keeping your shoulder in line with your hip along with not pulling your head back. Before you knee always step with the opposite leg on to the ball of your foot (even if not traveling forward, just step on the spot) this will help add to the power as you drive off the floor. In Thailand they’ll get you to throw your arm back (similar to the kick) two things with this. One: While doing this your shoulder must stay in front but due to language barrier there’s a high chance that the practitioner will start pulling his shoulder back as he throws his arm. Two: As I’ve stated in a previous post if you ask the trainers what to do if they start punching you while you’re kneeing, they’ll generally say keep your arm up....thus for me and my personal preference I’d say keep your arm up, it also helps keep your shoulder forward. In my opinion many MMA fighters and kickboxers don’t knee proficiently, this is due to many things but the main ones for the MMA guys/girls is they have so many things to master that they couldn’t just spend hours on this and for the kickboxers, it’s a weapon that isn’t used often in bouts due to the no clinch rule....but if mastered is a very formidable weapon. Give this a try and see how you get on. ------------------------------------------ #trainorstips #kstarlegacy #drillsbuildskills #mma #mmastriking kickboxing #muaythai #thaiboxing #ufc #bellatormma #champions #inspiration

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