Muay Thai Seminars with Damien Trainor

I have been lucky enough to host many Muay Thai seminars all around the world.

Seminars can be tailored  to the your requirements, including tradional Muay Thai, Kick boxing or Thai striking for MMA. These can be run over 1 or multiple sessions depending on your needs and I’m always happy to have a Q&A session and share a few tales if anyone wants to listen!

Due to running a fully time gym, my Muay Thai seminars are limited throughout the year, but if you would like to run one at your gym, please use the form below to get in touch.

Seminars 2018

  • UFC GYM Chicago – March
  • POW GYM Chicago – March
  • Straubing Fighters Germany – May
  • CSA Gym California – May
  • Oranmore Muay Thai Ireland – July
  • MMA Clinic London – August
  • World Fighting School Dubai – Oct
  • Strike Force Australia – Oct
  • NTG Australia – Oct

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