We have all had those days in the gym where we don’t have the motivation to train or to even push ourselves, these times are key points in your training in my opinion.

Often when you compete you get put into challenging situations where the easiest solution would be to quit.

You could be involved in a contest that you find harder than you anticipated. You may have injured your best weapon, you are possibly becoming more exhausted than what you expected, or you just haven’t turned up mentally for the fight. What ever the reason is your brain will magnify it as a safety mechanism because it wants to look after you and the idea of quitting seems like a good choiceโ€ฆ.wrong!

The few bumps and bruises you could get during the fight are nothing to the beating you will give yourself mentally for giving up. Bruises fade quickly but this quitting will stay with you for ever.

Many times I have heard fighters say they couldn’t get into the fight or they just didn’t have it in them. I’ve even felt like this in some contests and probably used those lines at some point in my career.

The key is knowing how to push that button and wake up, the best place to learn this is the gym.

When you have those days where you just can’t be arsed to train this is the time to practice and find out what makes you tick.

It is true what they say “What you do in the gym is what you will do in the ring.” If you quit in the gym you will definitely quit in the ring but if you fight through all the hardships of training then you will shine in your conquest.

These same skills not only apply to fighting but can be used in every area of your life. Life isn’t plain sailing and you will often come up against challenging situations, how you deal with them determines what kind of person you are and how successful you will be at achieving your goals.