For years I’ve been asked if I’ve and instructional DVD for sale….well now I do.

If you are looking to take your Striking to the next level? Or are you looking to further develop as a Muay Thai, Kickboxing or MMA coach? Either way, you are going to love this!!
Fighting Concepts for World Class Striking with Damien Trainor is the new full length video tutorial series available on

Damien Trainor is a multiple times World Muay Thai Champion, former professional fighter and world renowned head coach/owner of K-Star Legacy Muay Thai Gym in Birmingham, England. As an Elite Muay Thai instructor he has produced numerous high level fighters who have gone on to great local, national and international success. He is also highly regarded for his ability to pass on and adapt his striking knowledge/experience to high level athletes from all combat sports, including those in the top flights of MMA and K1 Kickboxing.

This video includes:

Low Kicks. Effective ways in which to throw a low kick and how to set it up in a multitude of ways
Effective Low Kick Defence. Different ways to defend and counter when your opponent attacks your legs
MMA specific Kick Drills. Understanding how stance and the rule set used in MMA must change the way you deal with low kicks
Body Kicks. How and when to utilise devastating kicks to the body to destroy your opponent
Countering the Kicker. How to deal with an aggressive kicker through defence and countering
Moving whilst Striking. Working on developing a multitude of skills to ensure you can move in every direction whilst still being able to strike with power
Footwork. Key Footwork drills to practice for high level striking
Feints. Different feints and fakes to draw out openings from world class opponents
Pad Work Drills. Drills to use when working for power and speed when striking
Dutch Kickboxing Drills. High volume Dutch style drills to work with a partner to develop skill, flow and endurance
Aggressive Fighting. Drills specifically to ensure you attack aggressively going forwards
Be Unpredictable. Masses and masses of combination work to ensure you do not become predictable in either your offence, defence or movement
And much more….

Find out for yourself why Damien Trainor is one of the most sought after Muay Thai coaches in the world, purchase your copy of Fighting Concepts for World Class Striking today by clicking on the link below;

Fighting Concepts for World Class Striking with Damien Trainor

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