LegacyKStarYel3For a number of years now I have been asked by numerous people “When are you going to open your own gym?” This was something I had often thought about and was a great ambition of mine, however, there were just a few personal goals that I wanted to achieve before I attempted this one.

My 20 year long career has so far seen me compete at the highest level all over the world; achieving British, European, Hong Kong and World Championship titles. I have achieved almost everything I have set out to do within the sport of Muay Thai and so after a long and lengthy process I am now ready to announce that my own gym ‘K-Star Legacy’ will be opening in the middle of April.

This new development is situated on the Hagley Road West, Quinton and will be in partnership with my long time trainer and owner of the K-Star franchise, Steve Logan.

As much as my name is tied to K-Star, K-Star is very much tied to mine, so it was only fitting that I continued down this route and maintained my ties with the gym that initially inspired and developed my career.

We chose to keep the K-Star name for this reason but included ‘Legacy’ to differentiate our new gym from the existing franchise and reflect the process of knowledge and skills being passed down from one predecessor to another. This is a notion we hope will continue for many years to come.

So what about my own fighting career? As many of you know I have never been one to take an easy fight, I fight at my walk around weight and above against top international opponents so to commit to a fight at this stage would take a lot of time that I simply do not have. Should the right fight be offered later on in the year then of course you will see me in the ring again but it would have to be a fight that really interests me (don’t worry there are still a few names on my hit list!). But no I have not hung up my gloves just yet, I am simply starting a new chapter in my career and putting all of my time and energy in to achieving my ultimate goal.

Finally, both Steve and I would like to thank everybody who has helped and supported us this far and who we are sure will continue to stand by us as we strive to make K-Star Legacy Gym a success. We are very positive about the journey ahead of us and look forward to introducing many new students to the world of Muay Thai.

If you want to be the first to hear when we are open, or you are interested in becoming a member of this exciting new gym, then please leave your details on this link K-Star Legacy.