Here’s a brilliant breakdown of my most talked about fight against Tawatchai Budsadee, which was made by the excellent Lawrence Kenshin.

If you haven’t heard of Lawrence Kenshin before then I highly recommend that you head over to his YouTube channel and checkout a few of his other breakdown videos. Two of my favourites are Muay Thai vs. Kickboxing: “The Legendary Fight That Changed History & Ramon Dekkers vs Coban: “The Fight That Changed The World”

Lawrence Kenshin – This explosive Muay Thai war is one of my favorite fights to watch. Tawatchai has the most amount of fights I’ve ever seen in Muay Thai (780!) and he is a good representation of old style Muay Thai, which includes flashy techniques.

Although he isn’t a slickster technician like some of his peers that choose these techniques, it’s still something we see much less often today. Damien Trainor is a UK Muay Thai legend and pioneer.

Influenced by Ramon Dekkers and Mike Tyson, he had heavy hands and dutch style combinations with the kicking finesse of the Thai style. Apart from the explosive excitement of this bout, what really stood out to me is how Trainor saw the pattern of right kick – right punch by Tawatchai and countered it beautifully.

Definitely a fight to study to learn how to deal with the explosive right kick – right punch chain.