Sangmanee2Muay Thai is one of the few combat sports that is still enriched with it’s culture of respect, honour and humbleness. However, as with any sport that has a huge gambler following, there is a darker side.

On December 1st at Rajadamnern Stadium young Muay Thai superstar Sangmanee Sor Tienpo took on Thanonchai Thor Sangtiannoi for the 4th time on the Onesongchai promotion.

After a hard fought contest Thanonchai took the decision.

What transpired afterwards is what clouds this contest in darkness.

After the bout Sangmanee showed seizure-like symptoms. He was rushed to hospital just in the nick of time according to several Muay Thai publications who had spoken with the doctors.

At first you may have thought his condition was inflicted by the tough schedule a Muay Thai fighter goes through but after doctors examined him things started to look a little more sinister.

Doctors have confirmed that his symptoms had not come from the ring but that he had in fact been poisoned, and had he not been admitted when he was he might have died from kidney failure.

Sangmanee is still under close observation and what will happen next is not yet clear.

What’s worrying is that this isn’t the first time it’s happened this year.

Two fighters from the Kwanmuang gym, Seksan and Petch U Thong, collapsed before their bouts could take place this summer.

From what I’ve read online the common theory for this is someone was hoping to make some money on a bet which alas is the main reason Muay Thai stadiums are attended.

Regardless of the cause, We all wish Sangmanee a speedy recovery.

Thanks to muayties for recording the video.

Sangmanee: Red Shorts

Thanonchai: Blue Shorts