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Always giving time to talk

14 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments

One of the things I always try to do is give time to young up and coming fighters, or general people who enjoy and follow the sport. The U.K now has some great young talent coming through.

Obviously there are junior lads I’m biased about that I help train myself, but some of the names that stand out for me and really shine from other gyms in the U.K are the likes of Evans Jay, Daniel McGowan and a whole load more, but these two really stand out for me.

Often I get messages on Facebook, asking for advice or my opinion on one of their fights or even a video of them training and I’m more than happy to help.

I remember when I was one of those young up and coming fighters, and in those days there wasn’t Facebook, Myspace or any social networking site, the internet wasn’t as easily accessable to everyone, (I am indeed making myself sound old!). The only way of seeing or contacting the top fighters of the time was at the shows.

I was a big fan of the Sale West gym, which back then was the gym of the moment with many top fighters such as, Frankie Hudders, Ashley Guishard, Leroy Atkinson, the Riley twins and many more. For me Frankie and Ashley were my fave’s.

I’d first seen Frankie fight when I was 15 years old as I’d fought on the same bill on Tony Moore’s show; we were in the same changing room. He was fighting a Dutch lad and I was still relatively young himself. Frankie had lost the match but really stood out to me. I felt really nervous and maybe Frankie saw that, I’m not sure but he came and spoke to me and it did put me at ease. From there on when ever he fought I always tried to make it to the show.

On one of my early fights I was fighting on Pele’s show against Craig Shaw. Many of the top Sale lads were on the bill so I was really pleased to be on the undercard.

My changing room was actually the same one as the Sale West fighters and Jonny Roye was also in there. I’d previously seen Jonny fight Richard Smith and I was very impressed.

As I was told I was on next, and started to make my way to the ring, I noticed a few of the fighters and trainers were coming out to watch, Ashley included. Ashley at the time was regarded as the pound for pound best fighter in the U.K.

I beat Craig on points in a great fight and I was really pleased with myself. On returning to the changing room I was congratulated and praised, I sat down with a pretty banged up foot. Now he probably won’t remember this but Ashley came and sat next to me and actually chatted to me for about half an hour about my fight, then I picked his brains about his career.

This meant a lot to a young up and coming fighter and I always remember this when I have people come talk to me at shows or pop up on my facebook chat. I guess I could of made this blog a lot shorter by just saying “I give my time to up and coming fighters because it meant so much to me when it was given to me”. However I know this isn’t something that all successful fighters do, so I thought the two that did deserved a mention.

I hope in years to come a similar story will be told by one of the future stars of the sport and that I have helped in some way.

Feel free to comment if you are and up and coming fighter, have a similar story or would like to ask a question…

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