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damien trainor

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What motivates me.

24 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments

One of the things that I get asked often is “what motivates you to keep going?”

You must have a target to aim for in what ever you choose to do other wise it becomes boring or a chore.

Also when you reach your goal you should set yourself a new one, if I didn’t do this I would have been gone a long time ago.

My ambitions started small but as my skill level grew so did my goals. I wanted to be Midland Area champion; I wanted a belt around my waist. Before I won that title I actually felt I was already the champion so my ambition grew greater prior to winning it.

Steve (my trainer) said to us all “you should aim as high as you possibly can.” That made me think “An area title is too small” so I started to think bigger.

This was a continuing trend, each title I won I thought “not big enough.” So before long I wanted a world title.

Over the years I’d beaten a few world champions but never got to fight for the belt myself. I’ll be honest on a few occasions in the early 00’s I’d even thought about jacking the fighting and concentrating on just teaching.

Only problem was I kept thinking, “If I stopped now I’d regret it, I haven’t got what I want.” Good job I didn’t as I’d have missed out on so much. A good friend of mine said something to me that got me thinking “If you always do what you do, you’ll always get what you’ve got.”

I needed to change something and I was bored of the UK Muay Thai scene so this is what prompted me to head toThailand.

Again I’ll have to use Ronnie Green as reference here; I used to speak to him a fair amount when I was younger. I’ll be honest I often had no clue what he was talking about; until later in my career and it all made sense.

I was asking him about Thailand and his response was “What I know in Muay Thai compared to some of them out there is like this…” he pointed to the tip of his little finger. “But being in Thailand taught me how to play the game better, it enabled me to stay around for longer.”

This is exactly what I would say now about my time in Thailand. This is the reason I’m still here. I’ve become a world champion but again this is too small.

My goal now is to be remembered. I may achieve this or I may not, only time will tell.

Remember to aim high with your ambition, but remember to have stages. Otherwise you will have no way of measuring your success and this is when you begin to stagnate and become bored with what you’re doing. It’s important to be able to see your progression otherwise what ever your doing can get monotonous.

What ever your goal is, the same advice applies; set an overall target with milestones along the way. Don’t stop until you get to where you want to be.

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