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Por.Pramuk and Buakaw finally meet but nothing is resolved.

23 May Posted by in News | Comments

This is taken from the Banchamek Gym Facebook page but originally posted by Champ Boxing Magazine.

The problems between Buakaw & Por Pramuk camp have not been completely resolved. Both parties do not fully agree with the terms of a new contract between them & thus did not sign it today. Mr. Pramuk Rojanathan, the owner of Por Pramuk camp, refused to sign as he is unhappy over the request to drop his lawsuit against Buakaw’s sports science trainer, Mr. Teerawat Yioyim. In addition, Major General Intharat Yodbangtoey, the mediator in this dispute, said that he wants to give both parties more time to examine the clauses in the new contract as there are details need to be further clarified & worked out, & so they will all meet to discuss again on 31 May 2012. The reporter tried to ask Mr. Pramuk & his son Mr. Teeraphat about his objection to signing the new contract, but they refused to speak to the press & left immediately.” (Credit for the translation Banchamek Gym)

Addtion: Before the above issue was suddenly unclear again. There was a mutual agreement on following terms:

1. In case of a fight purse, the share would be 60 % Sombat Banchamek, 40 % Por Pramuk.
2. Sombat Banchamek has to continue to fight under the name “Buakaw Por. Pramuk”.
3. If Sombat Banchamek is engaged in any other work, outside the ring( Advertisment, Talkshows etc.) the share would be 75% Sombat Banchamek, 25 % Por. Pramuk.
4. Outside the ring activities (paid work) would have to be agreed on, by both sides.
5. This contract would be valid until november 2018, from the date of signature.
6. Por Pramuk would drop the charges against Sombat Banchamek in court.
7. Sombat Banchamek trains on his own in his Gym in Surin Province.

Please note that, there are still some other smaller issues in the new contract which could not be agreed on. ( Report Timo Ruge)

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