badr-hariA fighter’s journey is never a straight forward one. Many, if not all of the greats have had to deal with tremendous ups and downs in their careers. It’s how they’ve dealt with these circumstances that makes them great.

You may not have had what you feel is the perfect training camp. Work may have gotten in the way, making you feel tired or drained during training. You might just be having an off day with nothing feeling right. This is where you need to change your mind set from a negative in to a positive. It’s sessions and times like these that build your character in to the fighter that can pull through.

Winning a fight that you’re in control of from start to finish is very easy but winning one where you have to turn it around is what makes a champion.

Sometimes in the fight things might not be going your way and if you’re not used to pulling through crappy times in training, then you probably won’t in the ring.

Also unlike the west’s view on boxing where people are only interested in an undefeated boxer. Many of the Muay Thai and kickboxing greats have had a fair few loses, generally due to not having hand picked opponents and constantly wanting to test themselves. They’ve also become great by not letting these loses detour them from their overall goal….becoming champion.

Below is a documentary on legendary K1 fighter Badr Hari. Badri became one of the most famous heavyweight kickboxers to enter the K1. When you watch this you’ll see that getting to that kind of stardom isn’t plain sailing. There were lots of things Hari had to over come within himself and not just his circumstances…..enjoy.