A few months back I was approached by K1Anoop about doing a mini documentary series on myself and my story. If you’re unaware Anoop has been giving news and insights on all things combat sport related such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA, he’s also done bits of work for Glory.

In this 8 part mini documentary series I talk about a large number things from my career, from when I first started, my inspirations, experiences, fights and much, much more….so sit back and enjoy.

Part 1: Fighting adults at 16yrs

Part 2: Mike Tyson & Ramon Dekkers Fighting Style

Part 3: Sparring Ronnie Green “Really Opened My Eyes”

Part 4: “I Found it Degrading” Fighting in Thailand

Part 5: Damien Trainor vs Tawatchai Controversy

Part 6: Fighting in Hong Kong & Martial Arts Cinema

Part 7: The Return of Damien Trainor

Part 8: Life After Fighting