imageHere I take on regular stadium fighter Phetnumchai Jittigym. I was a little annoyed after this fight with how much help he received from various UK fighters in his preparation for me.

However, Vinny Shoreman said something to me which made me look at it in a different way. He said “It just showed how much respect he and his camp had for you as they trained specifically to fight you.” Many Thais believe they are superior to foreign fighters at Muay Thai so very often don’t take the fight seriously.

I have to say this fight helped me a great deal in my preparation for the Rungravee fight. Phetnumchai is normally an orthodox fighter but because of my stance he swapped to southpaw. I used to put too much weight on my rear leg making it difficult to defend left kicks. With Phetnumchai now southpaw he fired that left kick very strong in the early rounds making it difficult for me to block.

I came on strong in the later rounds but it wasn’t enough to out do the work he did in rounds two and three.

After the fight Jompop Kiatpontip sent me a few videos of fighters dealing with southpaws which helped me to correct my stance for my big fight against the southpaw Thai Terminator Rungravee Sasiprapa.

Anyway here is my fight with Phetnumchai….enjoy.