YoubI’d just recently beat Rajadamnern Stadium ranked No6 Kaewkla Kaewsamrit which gave me a shot at the WMC European title. The WMC is one of few organisations which is recognised in Thailand so this was a great honour.

My opponent was French champion Said Youb. Youb had been scheduled to fight for a few world titles against other British fighters in the past so it wasn’t a fight I took lightly.

I will write a blog up about this contest as there is quite a few strange things that happened. One being that they couldn’t present me with the belt in the ring due to politics so I had to receive it behind closed doors.

All in all though it was a great experience and I was treated brilliantly by the promotor and his team.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the elbow pads in Paris you can’t fight without wearing them, anyway……Enjoy.

Trainor: Blue Shorts

Youb: Black Shorts