Daniel McGowan who is one of the rising stars on the UK Muay Thai scene put on a tremendous performance against American veteran Romie Adanza.

I have to say this is the best I’ve seen Dan perform. Everything was so clinical and precise, it really was a pleasure to watch. However, you can never drop your guard for a second with someone who is as experienced as Adanza.

During the third round the young future star got caught with a superbly timed elbow which split his lip open causing the doctor to wave it off.

It kind of reminded me a little of when Romie was up against Luangsuanlek Sasiprapa from Thailand. In that bout he was way behind on the scorecards similar to his encounter with Dan but he kept going and never quit until he saw that opening. If you’re interested you can view that contest here.

Anyway, here is Mcgowan vs Adanza….enjoy.

McGowan: White Shorts

Adanza: Black Shorts