Finally, I can announce my next fight! It’s been in the pipeline for sometime but I needed to wait for everything to be finalised before I could publicise it.

Thanks to Dan Green and Fight Sport Industries, my next fight will take place November 12th in Tokyo, Japan and hosted by Krush.

Krush, is one of the leading kickboxing organisations in all of Japan and has an affiliation with K-1.

This fight will actually be under K-1 rules and not my usual Muay Thai, which I’m used to fighting.

I’m actually a little excited in fighting under these rules as I think my style can adapt quite well.

For those who don’t know what differences there are: you cannot clinch or use elbows, there are only three rounds, if the fight is declared a draw you will fight an extra round and if that round is a draw then again you will fight another round. Potentially you could end up doing a full five rounds.

I will be fighting Krush’s promotional 55kg champion Shota Takiya. Takiya won the title back in April this year when he KO’d Ryuya Kusakabe in the third round with a front kick to the face.

Here’s a short highlight of him.