Stuart Tomlinson is the man behind the Warrior Collective. He travels the country unfunded visiting gyms and top notch instructors to bring his audience the very best in video martial arts instruction.

He recently spent some time in Holland to make a documentary on the history of Dutch Kickboxing. For those of you who don’t know, Holland was a huge power house in Muay Thai in the 90s and from there it has moved on to kickboxing (K1/Glory rule set) and are now (and have been since the 90s too) a dominate force in that sport.

When Stuart come to my gym to film some instructionals for the Warrior Collective we spoke about his time in Holland.

I’m a huge fan of the Dutch style kickboxing so I was keen to hear what he had to say about his time in those gyms.

Stuart mentioned that he hadn’t planned to do a piece on Ramon but every gym he visited for his documentary all brought him up of their own accord.

With all the footage he filmed, especially the piece with his stepfather and trainer Cor Hemmers talking about Ramon he felt it really needed to be shared.

So enjoy the Warrior Collectives exclusive remembrance piece on the late, great Ramon Dekkers