This week saw the final of the Top King World which was held in Hong Kong. The four that had gotten through to the final were the UK’s Reece MacAllister, Thailand’s Buakaw Benchamek, Ukrain’s Dmytro Konstantynov and also Russia’s Khayal Dzhaniev.

The original draw saw the young McAllister against Thailand’s superstar Buakaw Benchamek which the whole of the UK Muay Thai community was very excited about. However, for what ever reason it was changed and Reece was now fighting Konstantynov and Buakaw against Dzhaniev.

Many thought that Buakaw had took the easy route as his opponent had only 11 fights to his name while Buakaw had a staggering 300+.

If that was the reason then it really back fired as Buakaw took a bit of a pounding with elbows in the opening round. The inexperienced Russian fighter had done what no western fighter has been able to do before in defeating Buakaw under Muay Thai rules.

Reece won his fight with ease scoring a great knockdown in the third securing his place in the final. Alas Dzhanievbut for what ever reason was unable to continue after his war with Buakaw so the UK’s Reece McAllister was awarded the Top King World Series championship…..Well done mate!

Here are the tournament fights from yesterday’s event…..enjoy

Reece Mcallister vs Dmytro Konstantynov

Buakaw Benchamek vs Khayal Dzhaniev