My apologies, I did have the Yodsanklai vs Kem video on my site but I was told by Yokkao that I had to remove it. If you search through YouTube I’m sure you will find it.

I woke up this morning to see a great match up plastered all over Facebook. Two of the biggest names on the international circuit will come head to head on the 30th December, Pattaya, Thailand to see who is the top dog.

What makes this fight interesting, as we saw with Buakaw, the Thais that really make it big on the international stage generally will not fight other Thais. They only take on foreign opposition as they are so proud they believe that they can’t lose. If they lost to another Thai fighter it could dent their reputation and offers of future fights. So to see these two elite Thai fighters at 70kg go head to head is pretty special.

Both of these are packing a pretty big resume.

Yodsanklai Fairtex (252 fights with 177 wins and 71 losses) 4 x WMC champion, Kings Cup Champion, 2 x WPMF champion, WBC champion, Toyota Marathon champion and 2 x Lumpinee Champion (among others)

Kem Sitsongpeenong (131 fights with 109 wins and 19 losses) 3 x WMC champion, Thai Fight Tournament champion, Isuzu Cup Champion, MTA world champion, Thailand Super-Welterweight champion, Kings Cup Champion, Thailand Super-Bantamweight champion and Rajadamnern champion (among others)

The event is being billed as ‘Battle of the champions’ Thailand cup.

I know many people go over to Thailand for Christmas and New Year so if you’re planning on doing so I’d make sure to take a trip to Pattaya for December 30th.

Here is a quick look at both….enjoy.